Labor placement worldwide

Do you know these flags?BS-10652-fb-globe01

USA flagitaly-flagAustralia Flaggreece-flag

- Correct! The US, Italy, Australia and Greece - that was quite simple. 

 How about these?

portugal flagSKorea FlagSouthafrica Flagbrazilian-flag

- Exactly! Its Portugal, South Korea, South Africa und Brazil

 And now for the experts among you!


- This is, admittedly, quite difficult. It’s the flags of Malaysia, Hong Kong (China), the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the Canary Islands (Spain).

So, what have all these flags got to do with AMONTA?
Amonta has already been engaged in all these countries. As you can see on the world map below, Amonta has been working in more than 45 countries all around the globe (the respective areas are marked in light-blue).